The emotional self-awareness workshop

The workshop is aimed at anyone who is motivated to participate.

Self-awareness is the ability of human beings to identify their own emotions and the resources they have to manage them, as well as recognize their own moods. The higher level of self-awareness a person has, the greater their ability to identify their emotional states and therefore, the more they can relate them to their behavior.

This activity describes each of the basic emotions according to Paul Ekman (1979): joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust. Through reminiscence, the resident is asked to recall an experience from their past in which they experienced the emotion described above. Each resident shares their experiences of emotional origin and expresses how they felt and how they managed them at that time to their colleagues.

The workshop aims to:

• Learn to identify the emotions and available resources of each person through emotional self-awareness.

• Achieve proper management and control of emotions.

• Promote the capacity for empathy and active listening through group emotional expression.